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You cannot apply one approach to every HR situation. With each circumstance and organisation being unique, it is best to consult with someone that knows how to handle a wide variety of HR needs. Below are only a few of the services you can expect from Tania Thompson & Associates.

HR Strategy

HR Plans, Polocies, Procedures, WHS, Psychometrics, El.

Outsourced HR Management

We undertake the role of a HR Manager/ Business Partner and provide peace of mind to business owners.

Change Management

Change does not need to be a painful process. Let us sort your next restructuring strategy for you.


Discovering your strengths and weaknesses will help you create an informed strategy.

Why do people choose us?

Tania Thompson is your solution to your HR need. From change management through to analysis, you can better discover your business potential with Tania Thompson

Change Management

Change within your organisation strategically implemented

Group Discovery

Understanding your staff and planning your future


When you need to fill a position or streamline your business


Increasing your staff capacity and skill-set

Dispute Management

Turning workplace disruption into understanding and strength

Value Assesment

Find out what your return on investment and staff value really is

We lift the burden from your HR related needs. Contact us to start your process today


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Whether you are experiencing difficulty in finding your next hire or you want to build up the efficiency of your workforce, then Tania Thompson is your solution. Our HR services can give your company the much needed human resources strategy and discovery that will see your business flourish. Talk to us today about your requirements and let Tania Thompson sort it for you.

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